Why Choose Lipo-Light?

The Lipo-Light Body Sculpting system is used by doctors as well as beauticians all over the world. We invite you to schedule your FREE Introductory Visit to learn why Lipo-Light is a better alternative:

Compared to other laser systems, Lipo-Light offers:

  • More pads therefore more treatment area per visit. (Many other systems use only 2 to four pads.)
  • Larger pad size, also allowing for more treatment area per visit
  • Higher levels of light energy per pad
  • More affordable treatment plans

Compared to surgical liposuction Lipo-Light offers:

  • Non-invasive relaxing treatments - only 20 minutes per session.
  • Shrinking of the fat cells rather than removing them, allowing the body to maintain its natural metabolic function. By removing fat cells, liposuction causes a confusion in the body's metabolic balance which actually results in fat cells redistributing unevenly into other areas of the body often in a greater quantity.
  • No downtime. No scars. In fact exercise and activity is encouraged!
  • 10-minute Vibra Slim exercise session right in our office immediately after treatment. In addition to its many other health benefits, the Vibra Slim session stimulates the lymphatic system and aids in the removal of water, fatty acid and glycerol from the shrunken fat cells.